We are a team of financial, marketing, information technology and strategic planning professionals providing business planning solutions to startups, existing companies and entrepreneurs around the world. We started in 2007 and our plans, proposals, and presentations have raised over $675m as equity, token sales, debt, and grants from angels, venture capitalists, governments, banks, grantors and the general public.

We love seeing our clients getting successful with our planning solutions which is what drives us forward other than the fees we charge. We are committed to reaching success in each and every project no matter how small they are. We help our clients to solve their problems with our expertise and creativity. We provide solutions based on 04 underlying principles – quality, affordability, responsiveness, and creativity.

1. Quality

Providing our clients with the highest possible level of work quality is our primary goal. We are detail-oriented and strive to ensure every bit of information that we provide are reviewed by our professional staff. We make sure that the solution is served with the expertise of the team as a whole.

2. Affordability

We strive to make sure that our solutions are affordable for startup entrepreneurs and small scale business owners. Compared to most of our competitors and freelancers, we always provide solutions at highly affordable rates.

3. Responsiveness

We understand that responsiveness is critical in today’s dynamic business environment. We make sure that we are always accessible to the client whether it is via phone, email, IM or any other form which is comfortable for the client. We understand the value of time and we always strive to stick to the client deadlines.

4. Creativity

We believe that technical knowledge of a subject is not enough to solve a problem in today’s complex situations. We make sure that creative thinking is embedded in the solutions we offer. We have a creative, out-of-the-box thinking team who will carefully analyze the client problems and propose the most suitable solution.