Our process of making business plans, proposals, presentations and most other documents is given below.

Step 1

We will have an initial chat/discussion with the client to understand the scope of the project; based on that, we will propose a fee & a time frame for completion. Once the fee and the time frame are mutually agreed, we move to the step 2.

Step 2

We will design a detailed questionnaire to gather more information. The idea of this questionnaire is simply to get all the information/ideas that the client may already be having. However, the client is not expected to do any research nor spend more than an few hours in completing the questionnaire. Once the filled questionnaire is received by us, we proceed to step 3.

Step 3

We will provide a tentative table of content which will serve as the overall structure of the plan although it could be adjusted to some extent during the writing phase. Once the tentative table of content is approved, client is required to pay 50% of the total fee.

Step 4

Once the 50% payment is made, we will start doing our own research and start writing the plan. We will be in touch with the client as and when required during the this period for any clarifications we may need. Communication can be made via email, phone or any VoIP app like Skype, WhatsApp,  Viber etc.

Step 5

We will compile the draft plan including the charts, tables and graphics as available in MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint. If the client has any specific format, citation style or graphics, we will make use of them to compile the same. Then we will send a draft to the client for comment & feedback. Draft will be in PDF format with watermarks.

Step 6

Final plan will be made available after making due adjustments in the light of the client feedback. We offer unlimited revisions until the clients’s every subtle concern is fully addressed.

Final plan will be delivered in PDF format (with watermark) for the client approval. Once the plan is approved, we request the balance 50% of the fee. Once it is received, we will issue the PDF file without the water mark together with the MS Word file, MS PowerPoint file (for pitch decks) and the MS Excel file for financial workings.

Even after this process, we are available for consultation and minor modifications of the document for free if the client so requires.

Note on fund raising documents: although we make full efforts to create a quality document and we have got a very good success rate, there is no guarantee that you will attract an investor.