Looking to migrate to or work in the USA or another country? You may need a business plan to comply with the visa regulations. As far as the USA is concerned there are several types of visa applications where you need a sound business plan to get the approval. We have a wealth of experience in making business plans for visa purposes and hundreds of our clients have been successful with our business plans.

Here are the types of US Visa applications where you generally need a business plan:

E2 Visa Applications

This is the investor visa category commonly used by the individuals who intend to come to the USA to set up new business or purchase an existing business.

L1 Visa Applications

L1 Visa allows US companies to transfer their employees from foreign offices to local offices within the USA under certain conditions. This visa category can have two sub-categories as L1a and L1b. L1a is used to transfer an executive or manager to a US office while L1b allows transferring an employee with special knowledge relating to the company’s interests.

EB5 Visa Applications

This is also known as Immigrant Investor Program. this allows any non-US wealthy individual to obtain permanent residence in the USA. There are two ways to invest through EB5 Visa category. One is EB5 Direct Investment Visa which requires a direct investment of at least $500,000 into a new business in the USA in a Target Employment Area (TEA) or $1 million in any other area. The other is EB5 Regional Center Visa which requires the applicant to invest through a Regional Center EB5 project, which does not require day-to-day business management. In this case, the business plan is intended for the Regional Center itself.