Startup and Fundraising Advisory

Despite having great startup ideas, entrepreneurs are often not able to attract investors to get the idea into reality. The most common reason for this is the lack of an investor-ready, convincing fundraising document, be it a business plan, pitch deck or a whitepaper.

On the other hand, even if you have funds and start a business, chances of you being successful can be minimal. According to common statistics, within the first 05 years of operation, 90% of startups fail and out of the remaining 10%, only 01% of startups last past the first 05 years. A major reason for failure is also often found to be the lack of a sound business plan which will show the big picture with achievable goals and the right road-map for the product with the right strategies for pricing, promotion, and distribution.

Let us plan your startup business to have a clear picture of your potential while raising the funds required to get started.

Create a successful white paper for your ICO/token sale. Raise funds required from the public for your blockchain project.

Create a convincing investor pitch deck or presentation to gain the confidence of investors and get the funds you need.

You have a business idea but not sure whether it will be successful? Let us make a feasibility study for your idea before you get started.

Why You Should Select Us?

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals from diverse disciplines such as finance, marketing and IT to provide professional advice and create fundraising documents. We have created over 1000 fundraising documents including business plans, white papers, pitch decks, marketing plans, grant proposals, etc., which have raised over $675 million in equity, debt, and grants with around 84% success rate (excluding grant proposals).

No. We do not use any software for our fundraising documents. Our work is 100%  manual and tailor-made.

We have a simple and straightforward process which focuses on the client requirement and feedback. Our process is detailed on our process page

Time required will depend on the nature and extent of the details required for the document. A typical business plan would take 5-10 business days.

Pricing will depend on the type of the document, time required, extent of research required and complexity of the subject. Our prices are affordable compared to most competitors.

Of course, you can. Just contact us anytime.