Need a pitch deck or presentation?

More often than not, investors, be them angels, venture capitalists or anyone else, require a business plan to be presented to them in a summary format. In such cases, it is often required to create a pitch deck in a suitable manner to gain the attention and interest of the investors. We can make your pitch deck or presentation in the most appealing way so that you can present it to anyone with confidence.

Do you need a business first to make a pitch deck?

No, it is not essential to have a business plan in the first place to make the presentation. We can prepare you the pitch deck or presentation without a business plan.

In what format should it be?

Pitch decks or presentations can be prepared in many formats. Most popular is by way of MS PowerPoint slides.

How lengthy should a pitch deck be?

This is to be decided based on the type of investor you are pitching. If you are pitching a professional investor, who would get so many pitch decks on a regular basis, it is best to make the pitch as short as possible, typically less than 15 slides.

Just contact us to discuss your requirement in detail so that we can propose you the best approach based on our extensive experience with investors.