Why does your startup need a business plan?

A business plan is a document which shows you the strategic direction. A proper business plan is always a must for any startup business. It will, among other things, set your goals, identify your markets & competition, define the strategies you need to follow to capture the selected markets.

Investors’ view

Investors will always look at the business plan before they invest. Therefore the quality of your business plan will be a decisive factor in startup funding. If your business plan is designed & written in such a way to get the confidence of the investors, be them angels, venture capitalists, financial institutions or banks, you are likely to get the funds you need to get started.

What will a business plan contain?

Contents of a startup business plan will largely depend on the requirement & audience. However typical business plan would contain following elements: Executive Summary, Organization Summary, Product or Services, Market Analysis, Marketing Strategy, Personnel Plan, Implementation Plan and Financial Summary. Depending on the extent of details the client needs, a typical summary business plan document would contain at least 20 pages.

Why should you hire us?

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