Are you trying to raise funds through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering/Token sale)? then you may need a convincing white paper. We have created many successful white papers that have in fact raised funds in ICOs. ICOs are getting vastly popular as a tool of fundraising for blockchain and tech projects without getting into complex legal requirements in raising funds with fiat currencies.

Although white paper is considered to be a sales and marketing tool, it is an authoritative report or guide that informs readers concisely about a complex issue and presents the issuing body’s philosophy on the matter.

Difference between a white paper and business plan

A white paper is generally shorter than a business plan. It is meant to help readers understand a specific issue, solve a problem, or make a decision. Whitepaper focuses more on factual and technical data and findings and less concentrate on sales and marketing.

A typical white paper would at least have following topics

  • The abstract or executive summary
  • Problem definition
  • Existing solutions
  • Proposed Solution
  • Business benefits
  • Summary/conclusion

If the whitepaper contains a lot of highly technical information, you have the option to make two whitepapers as technical whitepaper and general/ICO whitepaper. The technical whitepaper will mainly focus on the technical aspects, which might not be understandable for the general public. A general whitepaper can contain more general information that anyone can read and understand.

Our recent whitepapers

  • Restart Energy – raised $30 million
    Restart Energy is the world’s first market-ready blockchain energy trading platform.
  •  Lampix – raised $12 million
    Lampix is the first AR hardware and software solution that turns any surface into a smart, augmented reality [or interactive] surface.
  •  Dropdeck – raised $4.2 million
    DropDeck is a royalty and debt financing platform for businesses with a pure smart-contract and token-incentivized mechanism to evaluate and fund businesses worldwide.
  • FIC Network – ICO opening soon
    FIC is a fixed income infrastructure for Blockchain assets. FIC is building a blockchain-based network that will enable the users to list, buy and sell any type of fixed income financial instruments.
  • QuickX – ICO opening soon
    QuickX is a protocol that enables cross chain transactions instantly with near zero costs.